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  • Session DI with Para DI

    Hi there, everybody!

    I have a Session DI, a Para DI and a QSC Touchmix 8 Mixer (with eq, too). My pickup is a M80 (I use it in passive mode).

    Do you guys think that the Session WITH Para DI is overkill? Since I have the eq in my mixer, sometimes I just use the Session.

    My options would be use everything, for the phase inversion, notch filter, and "on the fly" eq of the Para DI. The Session is great, but I can't get the signal strong enough to activate the Comp Eq and the Saturation of the Session. I don't want to use the M80 in the active mode... and I know that it could solve the signal problem.

    What do you guys think? I know that tonal issues is up to me to decide, but I would like to see the experiences of you, guys. Have you ever used that pedals together? Do you use the Para DI flat and use the mixer eq? Or do you use both eq?

    Thank you for your time!

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    Hey Rodrigo,
    The Comp-EQ will engage at lower gain settings, it just won't be as noticeable of an effect. If you want to use the M80 in Passive mode and hit the input of the Session a bit harder, I would run the Para DI first, then the Session DI (DI out) into the mixer. Even if you don't use much or any of the Para DI's EQ, you'll get a warmer sound into the Session and a much hotter signal.

    I use the Session DI by itself most of the time, with EQ on the mixer, but I also use an active pickup.