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M1 Active pickup issue

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  • M1 Active pickup issue

    Anyone else had this problem? I had an M1 Active soundhole pickup fitted to my 000 Martin & no matter what I have tried, including winding the pole pieces up as high as I can, the pickup is terribly microphonic. To the point of being unusable. Anyone else had the same problem? Can you turn off the active part of the circuit and still use it?

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    Hey ivansc,
    The pickup is (somewhat) microphonic by design. The lower coil in the pickup is a mechanical body-sensor, so even if you could turn the active part of the pickup off, the body response would be the same.

    I have seen a few M1's over the years that were overly-microphonic due to issues with the coils. But those were only a few units in the 10 years or so.


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      Hi, Caleb - I sent you an email via support on Sunday giving you the full scoop on my problem & lucky me, it looks like I got one of those few units. Hopefully you can help me out with it! Regards, Ivan


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        Originally posted by ivansc View Post
        Hi, Caleb - I sent you an email via support on Sunday
        I replied to your email. Let me know if you didn't get it.


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          Have to say Caleb is a great guy - really going the extra mile on this one for me.