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LR Baggs Venue Tuner Not Working

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  • LR Baggs Venue Tuner Not Working

    Used item I recently purchased. Regular instrument cable, new battery, etc. When tuner button is switched on the bottom three green LEDs on tuner flash for less than 1/2 second and go out. I use two Para DI and wanted this to eliminate the tuner on my board.

    Thank you.

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    Is the DI working normally otherwise?

    How many LED's are you getting on the VU meter when you are tuning? I ask because the tuner will not respond well if the gain is set too low.


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      Gain set 12 o'clock to start. The tuner didn't work at all. As stated, all it did was flash the bottom three green LEDs when the switch was activated.

      The original owner said the tuner didn't work but, having a background in electronics, I didn't believe him and took the deal after researching here. The tuner was activated with a fresh battery installed as soon as I received the DI while at work.

      When I got the box home and plugged in the power supply everything worked fine, including the tuner. Rechecking the battery installation I found that there is a slot for the battery contacts to slide into. The battery was installed correctly the tuner worked as designed. Apparently there was just enough battery contact to show SOME power getting into the DI but not enough to activate the tuner (and probably the rest of the circuitry, which I didn't go back and check).

      Sorry for jumping the gun but maybe this will be helpful to others who may have the same issue.



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        No worries.

        Thanks for sharing, Gary! If you have any further trouble, feel free to email me directly at [email protected].