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Onboard Volume Level?

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  • Caleb_Elling
    I usually run my volume at full all the time, just to maximize my signal to noise ratio. If you want some room to adjust while playing, then 75% is totally doable. If you regularly run 50% or lower, you could run the risk of a higher noise floor.

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  • MrErikJ
    started a topic Onboard Volume Level?

    Onboard Volume Level?

    Hey Caleb! Sorry to ask such a pedestrian question but I was curious what the advisable volume level is for running onboard preamps? I have the Dual Source w/LB6 and got so used to using my LB6 passive that having an onboard and buffered volume is kinda new to me. I assume since it's buffered, it's not as important to run it full-volume, but I could be wrong. I was running it at 100% into my Radial PZ Pre or Para DI but that seemed a little too loud most of the time and did make it more prone to feedback. Is there any loss in tone by turning the onboard down?