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    I have reviewed a few posts regarding problems with "inexpensive" wireless transmitter/receivers and active pickups. Does anyone have any recommendations for wireless systems for use with iBeam and/or Lyric pickups? Has LR Baggs tested any successfully?

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    I'm a dealer that sells a full range of wireless from expensive to inexpensive which all transmit on 2.4Ghz which was the reason for the incompatibility for Anthem pickups. This was a year ago. I'd also like to know if LR Baggs has made any improvements in their pickups that allow for any wireless system. As of now, I have to notate on all Line 6 and Xvive products ; do not buy if you have LR Baggs pickups. I've also asked the Manufacturers to notate that on their Websites and have their dealers notate it on listings.


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      I've tried a 750Mhz Transmitter/receiver system ( inexpensive ... usually has "A8" printed on it, available from various manufacturers). It's absolutely horrible with my guitar with the Anthem system. As someone else noted, the static-y interference is worst when using the piezo pickup. If I adjust the controls to be more of the microphone, the interference is less. I suspect the piezo pickup element itself may be intercepting the transmissions, acting as an antenna.
      I also tried the same wireless system with another guitar with a Lyric system installed. This was much better, with no discernible interference.
      Note that I tried the "use a standoff" approach with the Anthem ... bought a right-angle Hosa connector as people suggest. No real difference. Using a 1ft length of cable between was some better, but still not completely cured of the interference.


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        Originally posted by GlennR View Post
        Has LR Baggs tested any successfully?
        Every 2.4GHz system we've tested has been pretty hit-or-miss. I've heard that the new Boss wireless system works from some customers, but I have not tried that system myself.

        We've actually done quite a bit of work with wireless interference protection in the last few months, but the inexpensive 2.4GHz units have remained an issue with many of our pickups. I've even tried to do some of the "fixes" suggested on the Line 6 (G10) forum, but nothing has worked reliably.