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Di venue and effect routing parallel concept

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  • Di venue and effect routing parallel concept

    Hello everyone! a few days ago I DI VENUE, she is fantastic, I saw that send / return fx seems "serial" because when I put volume pedal in the loop loop of the effect connected on fx loop the signal destined to the Outbut also fell silent xlr cannon, I necessarily need to derive a parallel channel for the effects and I want to ask everyone if some examples of effect routing are possible that will link you with photos.
    QUESTION 1: is it correct and allowed, that the VENUE DI can run the 1/4 unbalanced output and the balanced output lxr ??? .... in my test there is a very slight difference in very small lowering of volume and timbric change (a bit less brilliant) but if the manufacturer tells me that this thing can be done I could make a small loss compromise (very small) using both XLR and 1/4 JACK outputs in simultaneous, unfortunately if the send / return and 'serial I do not need because I can not close the loop loops with the volume pedals, otherwise it will turn off all the outputs even the PA ...
    thanks, I hope you can give me the most correct answers and solutions from an electronic point of view and in the protection of signal quality for my parallel effect routing, the thing that interests me is not to make mistakes in the links and use the venue the most correctly possible from the electronic point of view for how the manufacturer has thought it, how can I get from the venue a better parallel delivery solution to other independent FX outputs and leave the balanced lxr signal to the mixer line free and clean? ... a hug to everyone Andrea ex 2.jpg
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    The XLR and 1/4" outputs are designed to be used at the same time. So you could send a clean/dry sound to the house from the XLR, and then run the 1/4" output into your effects for a wet/effect signal. That would definitely be the easiest option.

    Using an A/B/Y is also another option if you want to split the signal off before going into the Venue. I would personally go into the Venue first, just so that you can balance out your EQ a bit for both sides of the signal chain.


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      hello, thank you for taking a little of your time.
      you confirm that I can use to start the configurations of the two photos that I attach to you in this post?
      I hope then to have understood your directions to the best and I apologize for my writing maybe wrong, thanks Andrea
      EXAMPLE 3 OF THE CONFIGURATION "STEREO EFFECT UMBALANCED / ACUSTIC CENTRAL GUIT WITH BALANCED XLR CABLE TO PA" ... can be corrected in a concept of electronics applied in this configuration with AYB RADIAL? .. find a quality step between the tools I have? Thank you so much EX 3.jpgEX1.jpg


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        Yes, either of these configurations will work just fine. The Radial ABY box is a very versatile tool that allows you to configure your pedals in a lot of different ways.

        I am sorry if I am not answering your questions fully. I am having a hard time understanding some of what you are saying.