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M80 jack socket issue.

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  • M80 jack socket issue.

    M80 jack socket issue. Hi folks. I use an M80 on my Collings D2H and hit problems with the sound cutting out at a gig on Saturday. Traced the problem to the mini-jack socket of the M80 - play around with the cable and it cuts in and out. I've eliminated the cable itself as a source of the trouble. Sooo...looks like I either find a way into the sealed M80 (how the hell?) or buy a new one. OR...(hopefully) any other thoughts/ideas? Thank you.

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    Hey Steve,
    I think I've only seen that mini-jack on the pickup fail one time since the M80 was released (8ish years ago). So I would guess that the issue is elsewhere.

    If you want to email me at [email protected], I can have you send the pickup in for testing/repair.