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Using XLR vs. TRS to connect

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  • Using XLR vs. TRS to connect

    I've been doing some testing lately comparing the hum I get from my speakers when using the Venue with my acoustic guitar. If I connect it via XLR off the back, the amount of hum coming from the speaker is at least twice as high than if I connect via a TRS instrument cable from the side. It also reaches a state of feedback with much less volume applied on the amp end. I am not sure what is going on here. It doesn't seem to matter if the cables are balanced or unbalanced. It does seem to be related to the gain stage control, could it be that the XLR requires less gain? I have also tried this with various speakers, a Bose L1S with Tonematch, and a Henrikson Bud amp. Same conclusion. Is the XLR better suited for mic use?

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    Hey Ed,
    Mic and line inputs are definitely different from each other and will require different gain settings in order to get the same level. The XLR output on the Venue is also a bit hotter than the 1/4" output, so that will play into things too. If the XLR output is hotter, it would make sense that the hum level is also louder.

    The 1/4" output on the Venue is also unbalanced. So using a balanced or unbalanced cable won't make any difference in noise or sound quality.


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      Thank you. This is helpful information.