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Session Gain setting when bypassed

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  • Session Gain setting when bypassed

    With the Align series Session pedal, does bypassing the pedal with the footswitch bypass all functions including the gain and volume settings or just the compression/EQ and Saturation?

    Here's my scenario - I have 2 guitars I regularly play plugged in. One has an Anthem in it, and the other has a different pickup that is much hotter and thicker sounding. I think the session could help both thicken up the anthem a touch and boost the volume to match the other guitar. I would ideally turn it on when playing my anthem equipped guitar, and off with the other one. My hope is that the signal going to the house would then remain the same in terms of volume, and I would get the slight thickening I want for the anthem.

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    Hey Aaron,
    The Align Session is true-bypass, so the gain stage is turned off when the pedal is bypassed. The Volume knob on the Session is designed to let you balance your bypassed output with your "engaged" output, but you could use it to balance the output between pickups as well. That shouldn't be too difficult to dial in.

    I hope that helps.


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      Thank you!