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Lyric Aux pass through?

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  • Lyric Aux pass through?

    I just purchased a lyric classical for my flamenco guitar. So far it sounds okay ( though its a bit wonky on the B an G strings ). I keep seeing that there is an aux connection on the output jack of the lyric but all the connectors on my jack are soldered to something. So my question is how do I connect another pickup to the output jack.

    I am thinking either a UST or piezo disc ( like a K & K ) to try to fill out the sound.


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    Hey Dr Thumb,
    The Lyric's aux connection is compatible with any passive pickup with a hot connection and a ground (see diagram). If you connect a second source, that will give you access to the aux pickup with the use of a stereo cable. You will need a stereo or stereo-Y cable in order to get both pickups into a preamp or amp. Using a mono cable will give you the Lyric by itself.
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