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Session + venue gain staging

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  • Session + venue gain staging

    I decided to try to run the session di into the venue di and i like what im hearing so far. I just have a doubt about my gain staging. I run my guitar to the session with gain at 11 and the session volume at 12 into the venue. The venue gain is currently at 9 which is displays just green in the meter and doest reach yellow. My question is do i need to reach yellow which is around 12 with the venue? Because it gets pretty loud if i set the venue gain at 12.

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    My general advice is "do what sounds best". To me, that is getting the Session and Venue to peak in the Yellow, not in the Red. Some people like the sound of hitting the input harder, but I think it sounds a bit harsh. Peaking in the Yellow sounds softer and warmer to me. I hope it helps.


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      For the venue to peak in yellow for me, the gain has to be around 12 but there is already an audible noise around that gain level.


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        I would just play with the balance of both gains until you find the best settings. It may vary for each player.