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  • amp for the Anthem

    Hey Anthem Fans:

    I just had the Anthem SL installed in my Martin D28 and am extremely pleased with the sound it produces. I am looking for suggestions on a combo amp that mates with the Anthem in an especially good way. I have a large mixer and powered JBL speaker which is a lot to haul around. I play with a singer and it would be nice to have something loud enough for small clubs that we could both go through and pipe to the PA.


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    Hi Ashley,

    I'm sorry to say, because LR Baggs produces an acoustic instrument amplifier, that I'm unable to make specific make/model recommendations.

    First, here's a link to info about the LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier:

    Aside from that, though, I can say that the best amplification system to play through is a great PA system. A quality PA is designed to treat each signal or voice equally without significant EQ voicing in place to provide a "signature sound." A high quality flat-response system is usually best.

    Second best is a great acoustic instrument amplifier. Ours is very nice, sounds great, has a good control/connection layout, disperses the sound in a very wide field and is very lightweight for an amp of its capabilities. I can recommend it if you live in the US.

    Third best(or second worst) could be a tie between keyboard amplifiers and bass guitar amplifiers.

    Last and definitely least for quality acoustic sound is your electric guitar amplifier. Many electric guitar amps have voicing that fattens up the sound of a single-coil magnetic pickup mounted in a solid-body guitar. Most electric amp companies have some voicing but Fender is fattest in the bass and mid boosts than most others so I don't recommend using them for amplifying acoustic guitar pickups.
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      Thanks. I did not realize that Baggs sold a combo amp. I thought they just had pre-amps. I will investigate. The reason I started thinking about amps was that when I ran the Anthem through and acoutic pre-amp (old, not Baggs) and into my JBL powered speaker I did not think it was loud enough, but when I did the post-installation test at the shop I was absolutely blown away by the sound throught the acoustic amp--I think it was a SWR. I have to admit I have not run it through the mic pre-amp in the mackie mixer and then to the JBL yet. This could very well make my problem go away.

      I appreciate your comments.



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        The Anthem system run through a Mackie mic preamp and onto a JBL powered speaker should provide a powerful sound.