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Use of standard M1 Active for left handed guitars

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  • Use of standard M1 Active for left handed guitars

    I use the M1 Active in my studio for recording guitars. Occasionally I have musicians with left handed instruments. In case I want to amplify a left handed guitar, is it possible to remove the adjustable pole pieces of the M1 Active one-by-one and install them in reverse order? (So the pole pieces for both outer strings are swapped, the pole piece for the B string will be on the A string position and so on). Or will this damage the pickup?
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    Hey Mike,
    I responded to your email as well. This is what I said:

    The M1A can be used with left-handed guitars easily by swapping the outer E-pole pieces around, and swapping the A and B poles. The middle two poles are set at the same height, so they can stay the same. The pickup is designed to work this way, so it should not damage the pickup at all.

    If you only needed to install the pickup in a lefty guitar for a quick recording session, you could also just install the pickup upside-down in the soundhole. It doesn