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Anthem piezo not working

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  • Anthem piezo not working

    I recently purchased a Martin HD28 with factory installed Anthem. Last night at rehearsal I rolled the control towards the piezo and lost all sound. I only get sound when I roll it back towards the mic. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Hey Christopher,
    I replied to your email. Let me know if you need anything else.


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      WOW! Many thanks to Caleb at LR Baggs. He replied to my post and subsequent email, and the very next day I received a replacement Anthem in the mail. That is incredible customer service! I even called Martin Guitars to discuss the situation with them, as they installed the Anthem in my HD28, and the tech I spoke with had nothing but high praise for LR Baggs customer service. What a refreshing experience to deal with a large company that still cares about the individual customer. Thank you Caleb!


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        Originally posted by Christopher Stompoly View Post
        Thank you Caleb!
        I am happy to help!