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Align Series Session pedal - input straight from the guitar or through an FX loop?

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  • Align Series Session pedal - input straight from the guitar or through an FX loop?

    I am using an Align Series Session pedal in the effects loop of a Grace Design Felix preamp, along with a few other effects pedals (TC Electronic Flashback & Hall Of Fame, Rivera Acoustic Shaman Chorus). I'm wondering if it would be more effective removed from the effects loop and placed directly before the instrument input in the Felix. Probably also going to add an Align EQ pedal into the mix, too. Perhaps that should go before the instrument input as well? I use Anthem pickups in almost all of my acoustics, BTW. Several Martins, two Gibsons, two Guilds. The EQ pedal would specifically be for a 12 string that needs a bit of fattening up on the fly without excessive knob-twiddling. Thoughts?

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    Hey Steve,
    I've always preferred the sound of the Session when it's the first in the chain. If you're using the Anthem then running a pedal first shouldn't be an issue at all.

    Personally, I would just A/B the Session in both spots to see what sounds best to me. The gain setting on the pedal will probably change quite a bit in each spot, but it would be a good thing to try.


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      I had a feeling the Session would likely work best first. How about the EQ? Right after the Session, not in the FX loop either?


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        It's a matter of taste for the most part. I like the Session first, and then the EQ, but other people like you use the EQ first. Again, you can try the effects in and out of the loop to find what sound you like more. They should be pretty similar in both positions.