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Anthem SL pickup - Distortion in signal when strummed hard

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  • Anthem SL pickup - Distortion in signal when strummed hard

    Hi there.

    I purchased an Anthem SL pickup system from my local dealer this week.

    I have been testing it out and have found that the pickup distorts a fair bit in the high frequencies when I start to strum harder. I have tried adjusting the mic volume control and only get a distortion free signal when the microphone is practically turned off, only a muffled sound coming through. I have also tried backing off the volume control to no avail.

    Is it common for hard-strumming rhythm players to distort the signal ? Should I bring it back and get it exchanged ?

    I use it in a Taylor 310ce and had the pickup installed by a professional Luthier.

    Thank you,

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    Hey Simon,
    I replied to your email inquiry earlier this morning. Feel free to respond here or return my email.


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      I'm having the exact same problem.

      I couldn't have explained anymore perfectly. I've had the pick-up installed in my Taylor ga4 and it's kinda frustrating. I'm playing in an Easter production in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping I can figure it out by then. Were you able to fix the issue?


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        Anthem SL - Martin 00015m

        Similar issue here. I was plugging into a Para DI made the switch to the Venue DI. It helped when I tested it out at home but will need to test it through the sound system in my church where I do 90% of my playing. Would be nice to know what the suggested solution was or if it was a problem with the unit.


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          Hey guys,
          I told Simon that he should change the battery out with a fresh one to see if that solved the issue.

          I never heard back, so I assumed that fixed the problem.