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Combine Lyric with Active Element?

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  • Combine Lyric with Active Element?

    I have a Larrivee and would like to possibly combine the Element and the Lyric. Is this possible? I assume if the Element pickup I have has a battery connection, that it is the active model? Can I come out of the same jack? I'm open to 2 jacks on the body, but then will I need an external blending preamp? Thanks.

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    Hey chadburg,
    The Lyric and the Element both require their own onboard preamps in order to correctly operate. So unfortunately, combining them onto one jack is not an option. You can install two jacks, if you really really want to. You would need to use a mixer or stereo preamp at that point though.

    Have you ever used the Anthem? It's not quite the same sound that you would get with the Element and the Lyric installed separately, but it would allow you to have one battery and one output jack.


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      Lyric & Element

      I have actually used the Anthem. I have had both models. I sold a guitar with the standard Anthem and recently have had (and returned) the Anthem SL. I still have a lyric and an Active Element and was trying to not buy another pickup (if possible). I don't mind the 2 end pin jacks.

      Can both pickups use the same battery? Also, to clarify, if my Element pickup has the battery and controls, it is the "Active" model?

      Any recommendations for a pre-amp/di that takes 2 inputs?


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        All of the Element systems that we make are active, but in general, if the pickup has a battery, it's probably active.

        You can technically run both systems off of the same battery, but it will obviously require a wiring modification and it would lower the expected battery life.

        As far as a stereo preamp recommendation, DTAR makes a few nice ones- I like the Headway EDB-2 though. The Headway has good control over the sound (EQ), and a nice sounding preamp.