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  • Acousticaster

    My Godin LR Braggs Acousticaster (I think around 1991) preamp has bit the dust. Is their any replacements out there. Love playing this Godin but now it sits there looking lonely. Thanks

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    Hey RoyalNott,
    The Acousticater preamp has been out of production for a long time now, and we no longer have any replacement parts available. If you want to keep the guitar going, there are few ways to do that without the Acousticaster preamp.

    The first option is to use the LB Preamp. The LB Preamp is an endpin preamp that will work with the LB6 pickup in the guitar. It has a 9v battery and single volume control. The volume control can be changed out with a traditional/larger pot or even a volume and tone setup.

    The other option is to wire the LB6 directly to the output jack to be used with an external preamp. This option does require an external preamp, but does not require any batteries on the guitar.

    I hope this helps.


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      Hello everyone. I have several EQs and pick up LR Baggs for the 90s Acousticaster model from Godin. See photos. These are original pieces that have never been used. See the image attached to this message.


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        mesarectifier I need one of the Godin L R Baggs preamps. How much?