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Anthem and Tru Mic issue with bottom E

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  • Anthem and Tru Mic issue with bottom E

    Please could anyone give me some advice:

    I have just had an Anthem fitted to my Larrivee OMV05 guitar and I can't say I am that keen on the amplified sound. In particuar the bottom E is clearly louder than the other strings and I have to cut bass in order to keep it under control but this affects the overall bass response. The Anthem was fitted by a very experienced guitar tech who has a lot of experience with LR Baggs pickup installation.

    I admit that I struggle understanding EQ but I have good gear: Schertler UNICO amp and LR Baggs Venue DI.

    Perhaps I really need to understand EQ more (although try as I might I can't find a tutorial that really does it for me) but I could do with some help on what I might be doing wrong as I am assuming that the Anthem is installed correctly.2501

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    Hey washy21,
    I was just looking at your other post. I don't know that it's necessary to completely rule out the installation as being a factor in the hot low E string that you are experiencing. Even experienced techs, with an ideal guitar and pickup, can run into issues with balancing an undersaddle pickup. This goes for undersaddle pickup across the board, despite the manufacturer.

    Typically, if the low E string is louder than the other strings, that means that for some reason the saddle under that string is making more contact with the pickup (more than the other strings). This could be because of a wood burr from where the pickup hole was drilled, it could be from the saddle not being entirely flat, or it could be an issue in the saddle material itself.

    All that to say, even if everything is done "correctly" or according to the manual, undersaddle pickups can be inconsistent from one installation to the next.


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      I am all for learning how to effectively use EQ. However, a string balance issue like that should be able to be fixed by the installer.

      If you have any specific questions about EQ, I would be happy to offer up some suggestions.


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        Hi Caleb

        Thanks for the reply. I have arranged for the guitar to go back to the tech to see what he can find - probably after xmas period. I'll report back.

        With regards to EQ questions, would it be possible to PM you rather than hijacking this thread.

        Many thanks


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          That sounds great. If you want to email me at [email protected], I should be able to correspond more quickly. PM works too.