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  • Acoustic bass guitar

    Hello all,
    I've seen only one post on here relating to acoustic bass guitar and that was from 5 years ago. I have a Tacoma Thunderchief which came with an LR Baggs undersaddle system. I'd like to possibly upgrade to something piezo or microphone based but I still do not see any aftermarket pickup systems at all from LR Baggs designed specifically for acoustic bass guitar. I am wondering if good results can be had with existing guitar or upright bass systems or if there is anything in the pipeline relating specifically to acoustic bass guitar. Thanks!

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    Hey bbhulsey,
    The Element undersaddle pickup is what we typically recommend for acoustic bass. It has a strong low end and solid feedback rejection in most gigging situations. It should give you a pretty similar sound to the Thunderchief system. If you want a side mounted system with a mic, the Stage Pro Anthem would give you the Element pickup with a fantastic condenser mic.

    If you're replacing the stock system in the Tacoma, the Stage Pro Element or Anthem would be the best options.


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      That's good information. Thanks Caleb!