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Control-X with active pickups

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  • Control-X with active pickups

    Hi, Does anyone have schematics for running a Control-X with active pickups?

    All of the documentation I have found is for running it with passive pickups. Which means the potentiometer values would not match up but I have also seen support on the forum mention LR Baggs' engineers confirm being able to run the Control-X at 18v to match the supply of some active pickups... Indicating it should be possible.

    Here are the two systems I am building out just in case someone happens to have directions/schematics.

    1) X-bridge/control-X + EMG pickups
    2) X-bridge/control-X + passive pickups with an active pre-amp (Fender mid boost circuit)


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    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your question. I attempted to attach instructions for how to join the CTRL-X and active magnetics for sharing the same battery circuit. For some reason, it's not uploading the pic. I can send a pdf or jpeg of it to your email if you wish to leave it here or email me at [email protected] so I can attach it to a reply.

    I'm sorry to say I don't have any information specific to the active mid-boost(TBX?) circuit.