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J45 w/ LR Baggs Element too much low end

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  • J45 w/ LR Baggs Element too much low end

    I bought a new J45 Cobraburst with the LR Baggs element factory installed earlier this year, even after having my luthier set up, adjust the ribbon, still too much bass, I bought Lr baggs venue di, I can now barely get by without feedback. I've been really disappointed with the "element" so much that I have set my J45 too the side and have been playing my other guitars at live shows, even though it does sound very nice unplugged. I'm thinking about trying the "Lyric" system, would like some more advice though, my luthier is recommending the K&K pure mini. I primarily play acoustic gigs, but do play a few full band stuff as warranted. Any advice is welcome, thanks!

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    Hey Lane,
    For string balance issues, on any undersaddle pickup, there is always something that can be done to fix it. If your Luthier just did a basic setup, then it may be possible that he didn't level the bottom of the saddle or insure that the saddle is well fitted to the slot. There's a lot involved...

    The Lyric would give you a much more "acoustic" or natural tone, compared the Element, as would the K&K. However, if you are having too much low end from your factory installed Element, that should be something that can be fixed.

    If you would like to discuss some options for balancing out your bass, I would love to talk to you (or your Luthier) about it over the phone. I can call you if you want to send me your phone number via private message. Or you can call me at 805-929-3545 ext. 121.

    There are also a few other threads on this forum that discuss the same issue.