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T-bridge with 2 humbuckers, LP model

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  • T-bridge with 2 humbuckers, LP model

    Hi guys,

    i recently ordered a guitar kit, an LP model like guitar, hollowbody. I want to combine the two humbuckers with the T-bridge and the X-CTRL preamp, so i also purchased those, and i've been searching online for a wiring diagram... no luck so far: the diagram delivered with the T-bridge / X-ctrl seems to be a description diagram for the X-bridge; therefore no good to me...

    who can help me out? for now i'm still able to create a hole for a 5th potmeter allthough i'm not much of an onstage tone-tweeker; i'm fine with 1 tone or 1 volume pot for both humbuckers

    please help me out, much appreciated!

    Greetz Rick

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    Hey Rick,
    I have a few LP wiring diagrams for the CTRL-X, but for some reason they won't attach here.

    If you want to email me at [email protected],I can send them directly to you.