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Question on signal chain within the Venue

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  • Question on signal chain within the Venue

    2 questions,
    1) Can you tell me the signal chain within the Venue unit itself? I expect there is a pre amp first, but is the EQ before or after the effects loop? Also, where is the boost located in relation to the EQ and the effects loop? I saw a diagram once but I can't seem to find it again.

    2)I recently added a Hyper Gravity compressor and although I love the Venue and I love the Hype Gravity, I can't seem to get them to play well together. I expect its because they are both multi frequency band attenuators. Venue has 5 EQ band controls including "Presence" and the Hyper gravity actively compresses 3 separate and independent frequency bands at the same time. I started with all the Venue knobs at 12:00 but it still doesn't seem to sound as good as either pedal alone and can't seem to find a place where I can take advantage of both at the same time, either inside the effects loop, or with the Hyper Gravity before the Venue. I'm just looking for a very moderate amount of compression, but want to switch to an old traditional comp when I play slide (which the Hyper Gravity allows me to do). Any suggestions?

    Sorry..... that was like, 5 questions...........

    Thank you!


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    Hey tmessink,
    The block order for the Venue is Gain->EQ->Phase->Notch->VU->FX Send/Return->Boost->Mute->1/4" Vol.

    For the Hyper Gravity, I would start by keeping the Blend knob turned all the way off. That should give you a better idea of what the pedal is doing when you try it in front of the Venue and in the loop. Once you figure out where it sounds best without any compression, you can blend in the compressor to-taste. You may find that the compression changes how the pedal interacts with the Venue, but that approach should be a good place to start. I personally like to run compression before EQ, but that does depend a lot on the compressor.

    I hope this helps.