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Element volume and tone control - Which wire is which

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  • Element volume and tone control - Which wire is which

    Hi everyone,
    So I noticed the glue was lose that holds the 2 wires to the volume and tone control board on my element. In the process of examining it, the wires actually broke off! I see now why they are glued down. So my question is this; the board is marked "J!" and "J2". The double wire coming to the board has a solid black wire and a second black wire with an interrupted white stripe on it. Which wire goes to J1 and which wire goes to J2?
    Thank you!

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    Here's a diagram for you. If you have any trouble getting that back on, just let me know.
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      OK......... sorry, I have both a volume and tone control on this board. If I imagine that the other control is to the left of this one (which puts the wires in the middle between the 2 controls), is the diagram still correct?
      Thank you.


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        It's the same wire orientation for both. I should have mentioned that. The dotted wire connects to J1 on the VTC remote.


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          Hi Caleb, Perfect. I can take it from here. Thank you!


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            Thanks for this thread. I just had to reattach mine as well. It’s very easy to pull the wires off this when you are changing the battery in a J45.