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Want to Mod PARA DI So I Can Plug Guitar into Effects Loop Return

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  • Want to Mod PARA DI So I Can Plug Guitar into Effects Loop Return

    Hey y'all - new member here -

    I just got a PARA DI to use with my Gibson J-45 with an Element active system. The gain is awfully high even when I turn the gain knob all the way down. It seems to work well if I plug the instrument halfway into the effects loop jack and insert a dummy plug into the instrument jack to turn the power on. That way, it's bypassing the first gain stage of the PARA DI.

    I think I can mod the unit so I can plug the instrument all the way into the effects loop return jack and bypass the first gain stage. I would just need to swap the ring and tip leads on the effects loop jack to allow me to plug the instrument plug all the way into the jack. It works fine now with the jack plugged in half way but it would be nice to be able to plug it in all the way to avoid the possibility of it cutting in and out. I would still use a dummy plug to turn the unit on and off.

    Has anybody tried this with success?

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    I've only seen the video on YouTube of this "mod" ( I'm not entirely sure how he did his though.

    Also, if you use phantom power, the DI will stay on without a dummy plug. You only need the dummy on the input if you are running on battery power.


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      Thanks, Caleb - I had the same thoughts as you. I think I'll just install a stereo plug on one end of an instrument cable with both the tip and sleeve hot. That ought to work.