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"Too Much" Metal Sound - Only One Note in Mic Mode

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  • "Too Much" Metal Sound - Only One Note in Mic Mode

    I have just gotten Anthem installed in my new Collings D2HA. I love the natual sound in general. But I found that only one note (the 2nd string the fourth fret from the nut) makes "too much" metal sound in mic mode. When changing to undersaddle pick up mode, it comes back to "regular" sound. I wonder why only that particular note makes that too much metal sound. Any one knows? Thank you.

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    Hello Joy,

    Please clarify what you mean by "'too much' metal" sound.

    Does it sound like the high frequencies are exaggerated or is there an actual distorted response to that note/frequency only?

    Did you have the Anthem professionally installed?


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      I would check the microphone fixture's placement relative to the braces and the ball-ends of the strings. It sounds as though a ball-end may be vibrating against the housing of the Tru-Mic at certain frequencies, especially if the phenomenon only appears when you have Tru-Mic in the mix.


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        Acoustic guitars do have overtones and natural harmonics that occur in the wood's response to string vibration. That being said, such overtones should not be exaggerated by the pickup system. The pickup system should not add anything that isn't heard acoustically.

        The nature of stringed instruments can be unpredictable. Due to the fact that no two trees are identical, no two guitars even made from the same trees are going to respond identically to string vibration. Three of the same make and model, made one after the other, will likely sound slightly different with an accurate pickup system like the Anthem.

        I can also say that there have been a few guitars - I'm aware of 4 or 5 instances out of a couple thousand units sold - that didn't amplify well with the Anthem. I don't want to jump to this conclusion, either, so I highly recommend pursuing the issue to rule out all potential physical causes for this unpleasant overtone.

        Do you have the means of putting a small mirror in the guitar in order to look at the reflection of where the mic is positioned? If not, do you have access to a second opinion?
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