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Venue and adding effect unit ~ use loop vs input

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  • Venue and adding effect unit ~ use loop vs input

    First time poster!

    I bought a Venue last week. It sounds glorious in live gig setting (Solo and Duo).
    I play an Epi Hummingbird Pro with built in Preamp >> Venue >> XLR>> Mixer/PA.

    I also have a ToneDEQ unit that I want to use for adding some effects (reverb and chorus) and compression.

    My question, What would be the advantage of using the Venue's Effects loop ..
    rather than just going Guitar > ToneDEQ > Venue 1/4" input?

    Also any advice on gain staging for highest quality.

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    Hey guitarplay910,
    Thanks for posting.

    The Effects loop on the Venue is going to be most beneficial when using passive pickups. With a passive pickup, the Venue can pre-amp the signal before it goes through any effects in the loop. If you already have a preamp on your guitar (an active system), then you have more flexibility to run effects in different places.

    If you want to run your ToneDEQ with the Venue, you should be able to run it in front of the Venue or in the loop without any issues. You can try both and see if you prefer one over the other.

    As far as gain staging, set the pedal closest to the guitar first, with as much gain you can get before clipping (within reason). Then set the output volume (if you have one). Once the first pedal is set correctly, you can adjust the next gain and volume in-line. This method will keep the signal level high and the noise level low.


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      Hey Thanks Caleb!