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Anthem and M1 Combination

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  • Anthem and M1 Combination

    I have been using the Anthem for mounths now. I love the Sound when it ist possible tu turn the piezo on a low and the mix on high Level. It`s much fun at home with my PA at low levels.
    When I go on the stage it is not possible tu run the mix bettween mix and piezo in the same way as i did at home. I have tu pull down the mix Level and to put up the piezo because there is to much noise from the PA and the drums. I also tryd using a feedbackbuster, that helps a little bit. I had tu cut off Bass, but the the guitar Sound gets thin. When I turn up the piezo Level, the great guitar Sound ist gone, it Sound like piezo (if you knwo what i mean). What about a combination of a M1 and the anthem ? Instead of the piezo i would like to get in the M1. I got a passive M1 and a active. Has anyboday tried this out ?
    Greatings Steve

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    Hey Steve,
    Unfortunately, the Anthem's pickup input is designed very specifically for the Element. You can definitely get an alternate pickup to work, but in my experience, it never sounds as good as the intended pickup/mic combination.