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  • Radius Mandolin out

    I'm trying to repair this pickup for a friend and need some advice. There is no response from the pickup when it is plugged in although there was some jiggling and occasional sound before it died. The center wire runs to the center pin (surrounded by the Shield) and the shield runs to the ground and there is a resistor between. I have checked the resistor and it has the correct value. Can someone run me through a basic troubleshooting list? I'm getting nothing other than the live wire from the mixer when I touch the center and ground..what might I be missing..

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    Hey GStuver,
    Thanks for posting.

    Was the pickup modified at all? Or did it just stop working?

    The inner wire from the pickup should be soldered to the shortest of the three tabs on the jack. If you have a multi-meter you can check continuity to make sure that there isn't a short between the hot and ground contacts.

    That's where I would start.


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      Hi Caleb, No modifications. I do have an ohm meter. The center wire is to the shortest pin and the shielding to the longest. Without the pickup wired to jack and no cable plugged in I confirmed the 100 ohm resistor. It is good. There was some wire and solder remnants and so the reading of 100 tells me there is no short in that area. How about the pickup itself? what should I be getting out of it? Thanks,


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        You won't get a reading from the pickup with a meter. Unfortunately, if everything in the jack wiring is good, the pickup itself might have died.

        If that is the case and you want to get it repaired, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will do what I can to help.