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Anthem Piezo Sound and Strings

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  • Anthem Piezo Sound and Strings

    To play the anthem at low levels sounds great. But at high level I have to turn the mic down und the piezo higher, because
    on big stages I got to much trouble with the noise coming from the from the pa in the anthem mic and the Sound gets undirect
    . But now the Anthem sounds like a piezo, if you know what I mean. I played with elexier strings. With them the piezo effect was very high. I changed the strings to ghs. The sound was better because of the noncoated strings.
    Did anybody made the same experience ?
    Which strings do you use to get teh best and non piezo effect ?
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    Hey Steve,
    Typically the best way to deal with the classic "piezo sound" is with some EQ and external processing. Do you have a preamp/EQ that you can use to target some specific EQ points?