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radio signal through lyric

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  • radio signal through lyric

    I just got had the lyric installed in my Martin OM21. At the shop the system performed well, but as soon as I plugged it into my home system, I noticed an overwhelming amount of radio signal coming through. I tried it through other my Fishman amp and QSC speakers and with a variety of cords and still I got ESPN. Got any advice?

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    Hey Jerome,
    That kind of interference is usually cause by poor or inadequate shielding. Since the Lyric preamp has a metal-barrel cover, it is not typically a source of shielding issues. Not to say that it's impossible, it's just not the first place I would look. If the barrel cover was unscrewed, revealing the circuit to the air, then that could obviously cause an issue.

    First, I would check the guitar cables that you are using. A poorly shielded cable could easily work as an antenna for radio signals.

    Second, I would suspect the Lyric mic. If the Lyric mic was not making proper ground, then it could also act like an antenna.

    If the issue is in the mic, which I have never seen before with the Lyric, then it would be necessary to take the system back to the installer for repair or replacement.


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      I just had a Lyric installed and I too am getting a large amount of radio station interference. When I try a different acoustic guitar, one with an Anthem SL and one with a Dual Source, they're both quiet as a mouse. I tested in the same exact location with the same exact cables etc.,

      The installer is a professional luthier who has installed a large number of LR Baggs systems, and frankly I wouldn't let anyone else in the area do such an install for me. I'm a little disappointed as I was hoping the Lyric would be a great system for my higher end Martins where I don't want to modify the bridge saddle. I'm taking the guitar back to the luthier in an hour to see if he has any ideas.


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        Hey Kidbazooka,
        Why don't you email me directly at [email protected]. I may have a way to get this taken care of for you.