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Pickup for Tacoma BM6C Thunderhawk Baritone

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  • Pickup for Tacoma BM6C Thunderhawk Baritone


    I have just aquired one of my long sought after dream guitars: Tacoma BM6C Thunderhawk Baritone (2007)

    Tacoma sold these both fully acoustic and with pickup installed, and my copy is fully acoustic.

    A friend who owns another BM6C bought his with pickup installed and mentioned a type from LR.Baggs that is mounted underneath the saddle (since the soundhole here is NOT where it usually is). That type might be excellent, but then how would anyone reach the saddle with a pickup to fasten it, when all you have to work with is that small asymmetrical soundhole?

    Anyone in this forum with this guitar? Anyone ever installed a mic in this kind of guitar? Recommendations for mic?

    All info is good info Thank you in advance.

    I live in Oslo, Norway.

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    I don't have any experience with this exact instrument, but I have done installations on similar guitars from other companies. From what I've seen, you can install pickups, but the work is a little tight. Something like the Lyric or the Anthem SL would probably work really well for that guitar.

    Getting the mic positioned under the bridge would be the most difficult part, but it should be doable.


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      Hi Caleb, thanks for the answer. Yes it is a challenge, since the hole is small, and placed far from the bridge.

      I have a date with a guitar shop next week, and we'll se what we can do. He also emailed LR.Baggs directly asking for tips/instructions.

      Thanks again.