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Anthem SL Distortion

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  • Anthem SL Distortion

    I have an anthem SL that has a nice clear tone on individually picked strings, but distorts when strummed and the harder the strum, more distortion.

    Are there any other things to do besides turn the volume down ( still get distortion at low volumes)

    Is that normal?

    I'm playing a Martin HD-28... Anthem Pickup Installed by Guitar Center.

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    Hey thebrownfield,
    Have you tried a new battery?

    Usually if there is distortion of any kind, the battery is always at the top of the suspect list. Assuming that you are not clipping the input of whatever you are plugging into, it might be possible that the GC tech installed an older battery in your guitar by mistake.

    What are you plugging your guitar into for amplification? (amp, PA, effects, etc.)


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      Anthem SL Distortion

      Battery was the first replacement... It's good now

      I've plugged directly into PA at my church,, thorugh a shure wireless guitar system, and straight into a small Marshall Combo amp.

      I have an Ovation that plays cleanly into all three setups using the same cable or transmitter.

      My Martin HD-28 still has "clean" notes on individually picked notes, distortion on strums.

      Help!! Anyone!


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        I would still recommend bypassing the wireless unit, just to be sure. Try going straight into the PA, and if you still get distortion, there might be an issue with the SL. If that's the case then shoot me an email at [email protected] so we can go over repair/replacement options.