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  • Venue DI Hum

    Hi! I have a Venue DI that has a hum when running through PA systems, etc. Changing the ground lift does not help. It does go away when disconnecting the AC adaptor and running off a 9 volt battery. The AC adaptor I have is 12VDC and the correct polarity. I also tried another adaptor that is 9VDC, and still get the hum. This occurs through every system I run it through. Any suggestions?

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    Hey Jake,
    Are you running any other pedals or wall-powered effects?


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      No, just the Venue DI.


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        It sounds like a power supply issue to me. Do you have a friend or someone you can borrow another supply from? Maybe you can take the DI to a local music shop and ask to try out a power supply. If they have a TrueTone 1-spot, that is the supply that we recommend.

        If the DI is working correctly with a battery, it does indicate an issue with the power supply. I suppose it could be an issue with the grounding contact on the Venue's DC jack, but I've never seen that happen before. If that was the case, wiggling the DC jack should cause the noise to cut in and out.


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          OK, let me see what I can do, thanks!


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            Well, I bought a 1-Spot adaptor, and the hum went away! Thanks so much for your helpful responses!


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              Great! I am glad to hear it.