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Problem with combining Lr baggs M1 and Takamine ct4 dx preamp

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  • Problem with combining Lr baggs M1 and Takamine ct4 dx preamp

    I just bought a lr baggs m1 passive to use with my Takamine p6jc together with the ct4 dx preamp that has an input for a second mic.
    If a plug the M1 directly to my fishman DI it sounds just like it should. But if I plug it to the ct4 dx all the treble is lost. Any idea why? I would really like to combine the two. Is it because some sort of impedance mismatch?
    Here is a mp3 so you can hear the difference. First though the ct4 dx and then straight from M1 out:

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    Are you using the special Takamine cable that is designed to connect the M1/TriAx to that preamp? Or are you using a different cable?


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      I don´t have that cable that comes with the tri ax. So I solder an ordinary one myself.
      From what i´ve read after I posted here I figure the problem is that the M1 is high impedance and needs lower impedance before going into the takamine preamp? And that the special cable included with the tri ax does just that?


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        I'm not entirely sure. We make a cable that adapts the M1 Passive to our iMix preamp, and it has a resistor and capacitor built into it in order to make it compatible with the iMix input. I'm not sure if Takamine has used a similar concept or if they have just implemented those parts into the preamp.

        Since LR Baggs didn't design the the CT4 preamp, I couldn't tell you for sure how it is setup. I would recommend talking to Takamine for the details.

        If there aren't any incompatibilities with the cable, then let me know. I would guess that the issue is not with the M1 though, since it works aside from the Tak Preamp.


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          Thanks for your help!

          I have contacted takamine so hopefully they will help me out. As you say the m1 seems to work without the preamp so don´t think the problem is with the pickup.