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LB6 + Endpin Pre - Distorting

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  • LB6 + Endpin Pre - Distorting

    I purchased a used Olson that had an LB6 already installed. I wanted a volume control so added the LRBaggs Endpin Pre to the setup. Now it seems that it's overdriving signal into my Fishman preamp. When I switch guitars to something else (also active), it resolves the issue. It doesn't distort with playing lighter, just when strumming med to heavy.

    btw, Fishman is not clipping input signal. It just sounds distorted. As well, had to take my MXR 10 band out of the chain because it was making distorted signal worse, clipping input on the Fishman DI even though trimmed all the way down. I did try plugging direct to the preamp without any effects chain and it didn't change it.

    Thanks.....Any ideas?
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    Hey worshipdude,
    Have you tried changing out the battery in the LB Pre yet?

    If lowering your volume on the guitar doesn't help, and the system isn't clipping the Fishman's input, then the battery would be my first suspect.

    Let me know if you continue to have issues.


    • #3 battery. Thinking I might go back to passive and see how LB6 is reacting to my pedal board without the active preamp. I just am used to having a volume control handy on the guitar somewhere....


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        Have you tried bypassing the Fishman preamp altogether?

        Running the system passively will probably get rid of the distortion, but there might be some other things to try first.

        If you've been running through the same system this whole time, it might be worth trying to go directly into an acoustic amp or PA. Even if you had a simple recording interface, that would be a good alternate test.