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Can a PARA Acoustic DI be used with an electric guitar

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  • Can a PARA Acoustic DI be used with an electric guitar

    The sound guy at my church wants more signal when I play my Fender Strat at church. I'm going direct into the board and he needs me to boost my signal. My Baggs PARA Acoustic DI works great when I use my acoustic. was wondering if I could use it to boost my signal when I'm asked to play the strat with single coils and if so what settings on the DI I may need to adjust for the right sound and tone. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I really don't want to purchase a dedicated boost pedal if the DI will work.


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    Hey John,
    I've used my Para DI with my electric guitar multiple times, and it works great! I've used it in between my guitar and amp as a buffer and going direct into a recording interface or PA as a DI.

    You just need to adjust the gain to make sure you don't overdrive the DI. Other than that it should be really simple.


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      Follow up question...should my effects pedals go into the FX loop or should the order my guitar go into my tuner and effects with those plugged into the input on the DI and then using the XLR output to go direct into the board. At church I'm not going into the an amp, but direct into the board.


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        Most pedals are designed to work with the signal coming directly from an electric guitar. So running the effects first, with the DI last is probably going to be the easiest and most effective method.