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Anthem installation in Taylor 416

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  • Anthem installation in Taylor 416

    Hi everyone, i am having a ton of issues trying to get my Taylor Expression System to sound good going through our church's house setup. I have tried going straight into the soundboard and more recently have been trying to shape the sound using my Para D.I. but it still sounds really bad - so much midrange that i cant get rid of it and adding bass results in a muddied, tinny sound. I am to the point that i am considering trading the guitar, which is sad because it sounds great un-amplified. Before i do that, i want to see if an Anthem (or similar) would be the right fit.

    I saw some old posts around other models, but was curious if there was anyone who has installed the Anthem into a Taylor with an expression. Is the Anthem potentially the right model to select? How could i find a guitar shop local that would be able to do the install?

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    Hey there, beckmanc!
    I've personally installed the Anthem (in various forms) in several different Taylor's, including some Grand Symphony models. Replacing the ES with the Anthem is definitely an upgrade, in my opinion at least. I've used the Anthem in my own guitars for about 4 years now, and I can't say enough about it! It's a great system.

    If you are removing the ES in favor of the Anthem, you might want to check out They make a drop-in Expression System plug that works well and doesn't look half-bad either.

    As far as an installer, you can check out the Dealers page on our website to find dealers in your area. Usually the preferred/highlighted dealers have the most experience with our products.

    I hope that helps. If you have any specific questions about anything, please let me know.


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      Thanks for the response Caleb. Very helpful.