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Martin OM-28e Retro with LR bags Venue

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  • Martin OM-28e Retro with LR bags Venue

    Hi, I've recently purchased a martin OM-28e retro it features the fishman f1 aura plus pickup which sounds good but i was wondering if i use the LR baggs venue DI would i be able to have more control over the sound using the eq or would i just be better with an EQ pedal of some sort ? I usually go straight in to the PA so a DI box of some sort would be a good idea to get a balanced signal.


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    I definitely prefer the Venue DI's EQ over a regular EQ pedal, for my own gigs at least. The sweepable mids on the Venue are precise enough to dial in a better sound on any pickup that I've plugged into it. A basic graphic EQ might be a little more intuitive, but if you know what you're doing, you can really get a lot out of the Venue.

    There have been situations where I've run sound for artists who use the Venue DI, and I've used the Venue's EQ to dial in the sound instead of the mixer's EQ. I was able to get great sound too!

    On the Venue as a whole, the EQ is a great feature, but the studio-grade preamp, the transformer-coupled DI, as well as the various other features definitely add to it's extreme usefulness in live situations.