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  • T bridge problem

    Hi, I'm from Germany and new to the forum. I hope it's the right place for my problem.

    Recently I had the chance to buy a used Godin LGX guitar, presumably built in the late 90's, because it had the Schaller Tetrad PU‘s and no synth access. I was very satisfied with the acoustic sound delivered by the T bridge, until last week I noticed that the B string had become very low in volume. A little later the same thing happened with the high E string.

    To check whether this might be due to the piezo elements, I turned the bridge around, and now it's the low E and A strings which are very low in volume. So my conclusion is that there is something wrong with these two piezo elements.

    Does anybody have experience with this? Can this be related to age? As I said, the guitar is roughly 20 years old. And most importantly: Is there any way to fix this - except exchanging the whole bridge...?

    Thank you for your help!

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    Hey Thomas,
    Thanks for posting.

    Those Piezo inserts can lose output-level over time. The best way to proceed is probably to replace those two sensors.

    If you want to email me directly at [email protected], I will see if I can help you out.