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Venue DI with Looper in Effects loop

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  • Venue DI with Looper in Effects loop

    Hello... I just picked up a venue DI. I want to use the di output and run my reverb pedal and looper pedal in the effects loop chain. However... when looping the boost affects the effects loop so my looped audio gets louder.
    i guess that means the signal path is effects out>reverb>looper>effects in>boost>xlr output... is that right?
    basically I want the boost to not affect the looper but that can’t work unless it is before the effects loop... can it be changed?
    otherwise I can’t use xlr and have to go 1/4” out to my looper.

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    Hey Baggpoint,
    Unfortunately, the boost on the Venue is one of the last things in the circuit, and the order cannot be changed. If you need to use the boost on the Venue to solo over a loop, then the only option is to run the looper after the 1/4" output.


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      Dang... that is unfortunate.