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Lyric positioning tests - audio clips

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  • Lyric positioning tests - audio clips

    Though this might be useful for anyone with a Lyric and isn't getting the sound they want.

    I have Lyrics in 2 guitars...a Martin HD35 and a Collings D1A. In the Martin, the Lyric in the standard installation position is perfect but I've struggled with getting a sound I'm happy with with the Collings. The Adirondak top and Mahogany sides make for quite a bit of honk in the guitar's natural sound which is great acoustically but less pleasant when amplified by the Lyric in a way that it takes a lot of EQ to correct.

    So reading some posts on here and then seeing that Caleb has suggested a couple of alternative installation positions I decided to try them (thanks for sending the extra adhesives, Caleb!).

    Here's the result:

    The Collings is plugged straight into a focusrite audio interface with no processing or EQ.

    I recorded the same three guitar parts: rhythm strumming, flatpicking and fingerpicking in each of the three suggested installation positions.

    The difference is significant and I'm very happy with the third position (treble side of the pins, next to the x brace). For fun I recorded a short demo with a rhythm and lead track using that location:

    Hope this is useful. Thanks again to the LR Baggs team for great support and a great product.

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    That's great! Thanks for sharing your experience!