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Five.0 pickup, Venue DI, ukulele sound

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  • Five.0 pickup, Venue DI, ukulele sound

    I' m a newbie here and with amping up. I have Five.0s fitted to both my Ukes and a Venue DI, through a Roland acoustic Ac-60

    I'm a fairly accomplished uke player looking at amping up to play things like Tamacun ( Brittni Paiver does a similar version and I like her tone) & Jake Shimbukarus version of AVE Maria ..

    I'm really struggling to get a decent tone, even through the Venue DI on my Koa uke or my Spruce/rosewood tenor.

    To get any projection on the treble, I am getting a very think and quacky tone....

    Can anyone help me please?

    Pedals I have are:

    Roland GE-7 Eq
    Hall of fame reverb
    Carbon copy Analogue Delay
    Nocturner reverb/shimmer
    Micro pog
    Tube Mp studio pre amp
    TC electronic Nova Modulator
    Boss loop station rc-20xl
    Korg Toneworks Pandora...acoustic & Electric...



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    Hey Winkie,
    Are you running all of those pedals on a pedal board? If so, there are a lot of places in the chain that will color or change the tone of the pickup. It is probably a good idea to run a pedal or two to dial in the tone of the Uke, and then start introducing other pedals. You might even start with just the Venue into your amp. If you do that and you leave all of the EQ's at 12 o'clock, how is the tone of the Uke?


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      thanks for taking the time to reply. I've run it through various pedals independently.
      Tried the settings you've suggested.
      One the Kia uke, settings are fine but treble still not coming through, on the spruce, the treble is lost and the 3rd n 4th strings are popping out louder.


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        That sounds more like a string balance issue, which would need to be addressed in the installation of the pickup. It's most likely that the pickup is not getting even contact from the saddle or saddle slot.

        You might need to take the Ukes back to the installer to have the saddles and slots checked for flatness and fit. If the installer can level things out, it should take care of the tonal imbalance.


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          Oh right...sounds like a plan...thanks