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  • Session DI hiss

    I bought a new one a month ago and as a preamp for my pedal board it sounds great but using it in my studio as a preamp into Universal Audio Apollo MkII for recording it adds hissy noise that is very annoying. I tried to troubleshoot the problem using different cables, powering it with battery... I use passive Seymour Duncan Tube AS1 acoustic pickup. I really don't know what to do but for recording I find it hard to use.
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    Hey Energo70,
    Is the hiss a high-frequency hiss? Or is it more like a low-frequency hum?

    Also, have you tried it with any other instruments to make sure that it isn't bringing out noise in the pickup that is already there?

    If the Session is the source of the noise, does raising or lowering the Saturation or Comp EQ change it?


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      Well it's high frequency hiss, and it's not really changing raising Comp EQ or Saturation. I tried with my electric guitar (humbuckers) and it's the same. If I bypass Session everything is death silent in my studio. I hope that video will show you what's going on. You should probably use headphones to hear the high freq noise.


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        That was helpful.

        That sounds like electrical interference to me, which is a fairly common issue. Have you had the same issue in any other locations yet?

        If you are getting the same issue in another room or location, there could be a light or something like that causing electrical interference in your recording setup. If the noise follows the DI to another location, there could be an issue with the DI, but I couldn't say what. Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] for additional support in getting that repaired or replaced.


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          I finally figured out that the problem is pickup, I installed DiMarzio The Black Angel pickup and everything is silent. Thank you again for your support.