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Cole Clark Little Lady needs a pickup

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  • Cole Clark Little Lady needs a pickup

    I recently purchased a Cole Clark Little Lady. I would like to install a pickup for this guitar. Could you please advise which pickup I should go for, specifically for this size guitar. The tone is incredible for this travel sized guitar. My style of playing is mostly strumming and then occasional finger picking in a big band setting.

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    Hey Kenan,
    I've installed a number of pickups in smaller body guitars, and my absolute favorite is the Anthem SL. If the guitar sounds good acoustically then the Anthem SL should make it sound HUGE when amplified. The nice thing about the SL is that it does make the guitar sound big, while still maintaining the natural voice of the instrument.

    I hope this helps.


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      Hi Caleb

      I took your advice! Played through the PA for the first time yesterday since installing the Anthem SL, and it sounded amazing! May need to turn the mic down a bit as it was super bright. I would like to know what is the best pedal to couple this with? I ran it through a friends' Session DI, and it sounded great. I have not used any of the other pedals by LR Baggs, but I am looking to acquire some.


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        That's great, Kenan!
        I am glad to hear it.

        I use the Session DI myself, but the Venue DI is also a great option that has a few more features (for those that need them). The Align Session and Align EQ are also great if you don't need the DI option.