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Control-X without piezo bridge

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  • Control-X without piezo bridge

    Hi! I've purchased the lrbaggs Control-X, I've wired it into my homebuilt guitar, which has two single coils. Instead of the piezo bridge i'm using a normal piezo transducer, the discoid one. The problem is that the piezo has a very low output, even turning to max the "arrow" in the control-x. I was wondering: is there a method to pump up the volume of the piezo in order to get it similar to the magnetics?
    Thanks to all.

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    Hey Ross,
    Do you know what "diskoid" pickup you have, and what company makes it?


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      Originally posted by Caleb_Elling View Post
      Hey Ross,
      Do you know what "diskoid" pickup you have, and what company makes it?
      It's just a piezo transducer that I bought from an electronics store.


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        The Control-X was pretty specifically designed to work with our Piezo bridge pickups, which have a certain level of regular output. The Control-X wasn't designed with a wider gain range to make account for other pickup types from other manufacturers. It's really only designed for pickups like the X-Bridge and similar styles. Anything else that works with it is pretty much by happenstance.

        Unfortunately, there isn't any way to boost the gain of the Piezo channel beyond what is already available in the preamp. You may be able to reduce the volume of your magnetics, but you can't boost the Piezo any further.