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help request from mainland china lyric user

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  • help request from mainland china lyric user

    Here's a help request from mainland china lyric user who bought a lyric pick up from your mainland only-agency called “Guitar Square”. My Lyric suddenly had a high frequency long and loud cry and can't pick up the guitar sound unless i turn the amp on and off again but the mulfunction still happen all the time,actully it didn't happened at the time you turn the amp on, instead it happened after I play it for a while irregularly which is quite a tricky one to test out. So I sent it back to the agency as it was still in warranty and they claimed that they have found the same mulfuction and have adjust the "presence" knob and wouldn't happen again. Then I received it and install it back to my Lakewood but found it still have the same mulfuction and I turn to the agency again. But now the agency is just delaying my time and not taking responsibly and it's quite overwhelming for me to wait for this transnational depot repair which the agency claimed so. Pls tell me what to do and send me a Email so that I can explain my detailed situation via video in which I recorded the mulfunction. my contact: [email protected]

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    Hi Adrian,
    I replied to the email that you sent me. If you would like to follow up there, it should be a faster method of communication.