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Which System for Jumbo Taylor 12-string

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  • Which System for Jumbo Taylor 12-string

    I have recently bought a Taylor 955 Jumbo 12-string (2000 model). It has no electrics and, because of its age I cannot have the Taylor Expression System fitted.

    I have Mi-Si Trio systems (using LR Baggs Element) in two tenor ukuleles and am happy with the results, but didn't like that system in a previous Jumbo Taylor 12 string (1997 855) as it lacked sparkle somehow. So I'm looking for advice on which LR Baggs system would be best suited to my 2000 955 12-string.

    I don't use a plectrum or fingerpicks and my style is fingerpicking and non-aggressive strumming. I love the bright Taylor sound, but enjoy the bass growl of the Jumbo 12 too. We play mostly in smaller venues where the sound does not need to be very loud, just enough to sound acoustic but more so. The guitar will be plugged into a Bose T1 Tonematch preamp/mixer and from there into either a Bose L1 Model 2 system or an AER acoustic amp.

    I realise that tone is subjective, but am looking for something that will sound like my acoustic guitar, but louder... I'm not concerned with effects. Any help/suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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    Hi Jivauk, I think the system that will best suit your tone-quest is the Anthem. With the blend and Mic Trim control capabilities of the Anthem system, you will be able to get more of that sparkle you are searching for while being able to retain the growl you mentioned. You can take a look at a few videos we have on our sight featuring different systems and artists. Don Edwards, Bob Minner and the California Guitar Trio have videos featuring the Anthem System.
    Here is a link to our Videos Page:

    Best of luck on the search for your tone and keep us posted on what you think.