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  • Lyric question

    Hi everybody!

    I am considering buying the Lyric and a few things occurred to me.

    Is it possible to take out everything out of the guitar except the mic itself so in the end you basically have "passive lyric", and put the preamp, battery and vol control in a box on the floor?

    So the plan would be: unsolder mic from preamp, solder it to separate 1/4" endpin jack, plug a cable, solder another 1/4" jack to preamp, etc....

    I am not very good with electronics, but I don't see a problem with that. Except maybe that there is too much cable between mic and pre (but, then again if you have any other passive pickup, your preamp is on the floor anyway).

    Why to do it?? Well, the result is a lighter guitar with less stuff in it , and possibility to make AC output on preamp and not use a battery.

    Thank you for every help!

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    It is possible, but it is not recommended. Any modifications would void the warranty of the product and we can't supply advice for any of those non warranty modifications.